Sunday, April 10, 2022

 TF1260-time for a new Alpha firmware update & lets compare results with my Cyberstorm MKIII !!!

Been enjoying my TF1260 with the Beta firmware update (see Dec27-21 post below) so let's look at what the latest Alpha firmware update brings to the table!

All tests carried out running AmigaOS 3.2.1with SysSpeed v2.6.

Note: On my Rev1 68060 I unfortunately couldn't over clock it to 62.5Mhz (like I did with the Beta firmware) or even 58 or 55Mhz so testing done only at base 50Mhz. That being said, in testing some intense 060 specific demos I honestly saw no difference in performance? Perhaps this is because of the big jump in chip ram speed or other internal changes?
Stability wise the Alpha firmware update is solid on my system.

Results at 50 Mhz with Alpha firmware:

Comparing to Beta firmware Results at 50 Mhz:

MIPS/ MFLOPS: +1.17 / +0.52

DRIVE SPEED: +1.47 MB/s (ReadFile)

MEMORY: +187.69 MB/s (CacheRead)

                  +22.11 MB/s (ReadROMb)

                  +40.98         (ReadROMw)

                  +51.76         (ReadRoml)

                  +0.49          (ReadFastb)

                  +0.51          (ReadFastw)

                  +0.67          (ReadFastl)

                  +0.35          (WriteFastb)

                  +0.56          (WriteFastw)

                  -1.56           (WriteFastl)

                  +0.22          (Fast2Fastb)

                  +0.3            (Fast2Fastw)

                  -5.53           (Fast2Fastl)

                  +0.03          (Fast2Fastm)

                  +25.74        (Fast2Fast16)- no result with Beta?

                  +0.06          (ReadChipb)

                  +0.12          (ReadChipw)

                  +0.24          (ReadChipl) 

                  +0.44          (WriteChipb)

                  +0.87          (WriteChipw)

                  +1.73          (WriteChipl)

                  +0.19          (Chip2Chipb)

                  +0.38          (Chip2Chipw)

                  +0.75          (Chip2Chipl)

                  +0.41          (Chip2Chipm)

                 +2.55           (Chip2Chip16)- no result with Beta?

                 +0.41           (Fast2Chipb)

                 +0.79           (Fast2Chipw)

                 +1.62           (Fast2Chipl)

                 +1.36           (Fast2Chipm)

                 +4.95           (Fast2Chip16)-no result with Beta?


Phew ok there you have it so there's alot of +'s there so basically almost every item improved with the best results being Fast Ram, ReadROM and especially Cache Read.

It's too bad I couldn't get my Rev1 060 to overclock with this latest firmware update so I could compare the 62.5Mhz results as well but I'm hoping future updates will bring back 62.5 Mhz as my system was humming quite reliably at 62.5 :-)

And now for fun sake & yes I know it's not Apples to Apples but below are my Cyberstorm MKIII results in my Amiga 4000 also running AmigaOS3.2.1 with Rev1(same mask)68060:

and the obligatory view of only the NorthEast corner of the mancave as it is at this time:

Monday, December 27, 2021

 TF1260-A NEW 68060 Amiga Accelerator board in 2021...time for a firmware update!!!

What great times we are in for new and awesome Amiga hardware being released for our favourite computer and OS! 

I was lucky enough to buy my new TF1260 from from one of the authorized sellers for Terrible Fire products as up to recently only certain testers had one as it's been in beta for a while. I've recently been enjoying it inside my Amiga 1200 Tower and I'm very impressed with it as it's at par with my Blizzard Cyberstorm MKII in my Amiga 4000 performance wise and actually it surpasses it when I overclock my Rev1 060 from 50 to 62.5 Mhz! Cool part is you don't have to move jumpers, play with resistors on voltage boards etc. overclock the TF1260...all you have to do is open the shell and type "cpuspeed speed=xx" where xx is the speed you want to overclock's rumoured from other TF1260 owners that some Rev6 060's can hit 100 Mhz with heatsinks and fans...personally I'm the type of guy that would rather overclock 'slightly' as I prefer my systems to be more stable than fast but quirky.  Since my full 060 is a Rev1 I'm quite happy with how stable my TF1260 is running 060 specific DEMO's all day long and the 060 itself isn't hot enough to fry an egg on like some old 040's I used to have back in the day lol...I've installed a heat sink on it to be safe.

After watching a great YouTube video from ACILL last night I finally got around to update the firmware on my TF1260 to the latest 'stable' release and run a few tests comparing before/ after results do let's go!

My TF1260 with onboard IDE CF cable attached

oops no JTAG connector on my TF1260 BUT luckily I've got all kinds of stuff lying around in my man cave that have pins on them πŸ˜‰


Quick snips to get the pins off casing

pins sit nicely on the TF1260 with no modifications

did I ever tell you I LOVE solder paste 😁A quick 20 seconds with heat gun at 400 deg.celcius and 35% air flow and we're ready to start flashing!

You'll need a C232HM-DDHSL-0 USB to MPSE cable 3.3V-0.5m as seen in Acill's YouTube video noted above! Follow the links below the video description to download the files you need and how to connect the cable to your TF1260. Once set up flashing my TF1260 literally took a few seconds.

All tests carried out running AmigaOS 3.2.1.

Testing with old firmware at 50 Mhz: 

Testing with old firmware at 62.5 Mhz:

Testing with updated firmware at 50 Mhz:

Testing with updated firmware at 62.5 Mhz:

Quick summary: The TF1260 lost a little bit (1.08MIPS) of overall MIPS/MFLOPS (don't tell your Amiga 500πŸ˜‰) BUT got a nice speed increase (1.17 MB/s) on the onbaord IDE speed and a very significant 2 to3 times read/write speed increase with the onboard fast ram !

and of course the obligatory view of the east end of the man cave at the time of writing this postπŸ‘