Friday, October 16, 2020

 Screechy noise and very low sound in my Amiga 4000

And of course I know I know .......'it's the caps..replace THE CAPS!' many times have we heard/ read that in the Amiga forums over the past 10 or more years since our original Amiga hardware is reaching the age where the original capacitors are failing and that unsightly acid spews all over our precious motherboards damaging traces and other components....BUT this time it might not be the caps or maybe it is....let me explain. 

I replaced all the caps on my MB and original power supply 2 years ago and all was fine until one day last year I decided to try one of the ATX PSU's out on my A4000...don't ask me why because I had replaced the original noisy fan in the PSU and it was running as silent as ever but such is the way my head goes many times in my man cave!? I purchased the ATX adapter tried the 1st ATX PSU and nothing happened so tried another older PSU and pfft bang boom a loud noise and the magic smoke came out of the PSU!%^#@?! Turned off the power to my A4000 and my adrenaline was through the roof with worry about destroying a perfectly great system for the sake of trying out this darn ATX adapter !!! Then the real hysteria came in .....what if my beloved Cyberstorm MKIII was fried too !#@#!@#$%! oh Lord I had a migraine just thinking about it so started immediately taking out my CS-MKIII to inspect it for any obvious damage and it passed the visual, touch, and more importantly smell testing so next step was to plug my original PSU in and try to boot her up without my CS-MKIII and voila thank God and all that is good that she booted up just fine !!!! ALELULIA !!! Plug my CS-MKIII back in again and all good except I got to look at some of my fav demos to celebrate and when I turn on my amp all I hear is a loud high pitched screeching noise and when the demo starts I could barely hear it in the background of the screeching. Unplug the amp, check the cables, have a quick look inside the case and all ok so this is where I'm at and here's a few pics before I take her all apart and have a good luck at the MB




 ..more to follow on this issue hopefully sometime soon but ya never know what goes on inside & more importantly outside the mancave but more importantly I hope everyone is managing ok with this Covid-19 virus pandemic still going on and supposedly stronger this fall then it first was discovered last February so please stay safe !





Sunday, September 1, 2019

New AGA game for Amiga in 2019! and a twist or two on the top down shooter too! welcome to SkillGrid

YES believe it Amiga Fans! The long time Amiga and Commodore 64 developer Simone Bevilaqua who runs RETREAM and brought us great new original games like BOH, HUENISON, KOG for the Amiga and MAH & Quod Init Exit (QIE) for the C64 has done it again for our AGA, PAL Amiga 1200, 4000 & CD32's!!!

SkillGrid very briefly is a good old relentless rack up score vertical top down shoot em up with loads of power ups (blue cells) & power downs (yellow cells) and to keep things spiced up there's some hybrid cells (50/50 blue/yellow) and a few UFO (undefined cells) to boot. You can see some great screen shots and gameplay video in the links provided above but I just want to emphasize the importance of opening up the beautiful SkillGrid manual (either physical or PDF copy) and yes READING it lol Ya I know I'm guilty of the 'pff I've played a million of these games so I'll just figure it out as I go' and I'm sure if you do this ..yet again :-) you'll still have fun but once you experience the frantic pace by hitting an acceleration or boost cels (purposely or not hehe) you'll understand the importance of reading the manual to get the most out of the game and also your high score ! Every Amiga user with an AGA equipped miggie should buy this new one of a kind game for our favourite computer and OS and support our developers in 2019 !!!

Here's what is included in my Deluxe package:

Front of package:

Front of package

Rear of package

Package open:

Floppies with stickers for backup disks!
RETREAM & RGCD post cards:

post cards

Cool pins for kids school bags :-)

Poster framed on mancave wall!

SkillGrid running on my X1000 via E-UAE

what the mancave looks like at time of this post less the A1200 & C64 section that is

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

AmigaOS4.1 FE Update 1 booting up to Workbench on AmigOne X1000 in July 2018

This is an update to a video I did back in May 2013 of my AmigaOne X1000 booting up to Workbench after yet another thread on popped up though this time it was about boot times with RadeonHD cards installed.

My X1000 config: 4GB ram, Radeon HD7950-3GB, Catweasel MK4+

and of course the obligatory view of what the mancave (at least majority of) looks like at the time of this posting

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Going back to 1080 monitor for my 1200

Don't get me wrong the Indivision AGA MK2cr for the A1200 from Individual Computers is an awesome scandoubler/ flicker fixer for our miggies especially as the original monitors are getting harder and harder to find and get parts for to repair BUT if you're lucky enough to have an original monitor ...ya know :-) I had a spare 1080 that was lying around for when the time comes that my original 1080 (that came with my Amiga 1000) needed replacement parts etc. and hadn't turned it on for a long time which is a no no to keep old electronics/ capacitors etc. happy so decided to put it back in use with my 1200.  The Indivision AGA MK2cr will go into my 1200T another day !

If I had a dime for every time I had to open the case to my 1200 :-)
alas one more time to take the Indi off Lisa!

why I LOVE REAL hardware ! In case you're wondering the add-ons are kipper2ks CD IDE extender, and solid E-Matrix 030@50 with FPU and 32MB fast ram

1080 back up n running like it's 1986..flicker and scan lines in full glory!

ah it's beautiful to see demos the way they were made to be seen

the mancave (main west end anyhow) as it is the time of this post!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Spirit Technology Inboard 1000- fast ram internal expansion with battery backed up clock pics

During my daily ritual of browsing all my favourite Amiga forums I came across a thread asking for hi-res pics of the 'Inboard 1000' card for the Amiga 1000 as the poster needed them to carry out some repair work. Immediately after reading the post my mind raced back to 1989 when I was entering University and needed some extra fast ram for my Amiga 1000 and purchased the Spirit Technology Inboard 1000 from a Commodore/ Amiga shop called Comspec which was luckily for me only a 10 minute bike ride from my parents house back then. Boy the excitement when I added a 68010 to the Inboard 1000 with an extra 2MB fats ram....turbo fast lol Scrambling to find it through my 'box of stuff' at home I then realized it was still at my parents house and with life being crazy busy with work/ young kids I finally got around to digging through my old 'boy cave' and dug up my old Inboard 1000 to take the pics :-)

some info from the Amiga Hardware Database

and of course a mandatory pic of the man cave today! hmm seems like I've got at least one Amiga 1000 in pieces that could make use of my old Inboard 1000 (light bulb in brain on )

Saturday, April 1, 2017

ACA500 plus working with my Amiga1000 with all my side cars attached :-)

So I bought the new expansion card from  Individual Computers a few months back to eventually get it working with my Amiga 500 thats been boxed up for a few decades BUT alas the mancave is dead out of space with me setting up my Amiga 4000 (ya I know that's another story for another day lol).  Anyhoo the lack of space got e thinking to try it out on my Amiga 1000 since they share the same zorro 2 port & I know a few amigans that got the earlier A500 card to work on their A1000s so figured I'd give her a go.

Now seeing as my all original A1000 is, and always been, the Queen of my mancave I always intend to keep her the way she was in the mid to late 80's which means kickstart 1.3 and of course Workbench 1.3, original 20MB XT-IDE Hd & controller and my 2MB ram side cars!  So I'm very happy to report the ACA500 + works great at the end of my scsi car train so very easy to keep my original classic config and also use the modern features the A500+ gives without the hassle of messing with my side cars.  Also I know many Amiga 1000 users had issues of having to restart their miggies many times until the ACA500 kicked in but so far every time I boot up the ACA500+ comes rightup...maybe luck or maybe that's due to the upgrades in the + ?

here's a quick vid:

and of course the obligatory view of the mancave..and this time it has 2 be in 2 sections for now anyway ;-)