Thursday, January 23, 2014

Getting stuff finally off the floor & on the wall !

Got around to putting up some frames on the wall finally this past weekend.  Frame on the left I got from one of the original Amiga dealers store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada called Comspec back in the early nineties and the smaller frame to the right I got right before I ordered my new AmigaONE X1000 a few years ago (love the X-Files theme LOL)

Hoping to find some spare time to blog on some nifty little projects such as a Viper 040 to 060 upgrade for my A1200 and dual SID (both 6581 and 8580!) chips in my C64


  1. I saw this in a wet dream hahahaha I love your man cave. That is impressive. Yes I'm jealous. :-) Very Nice

  2. lol..thanks! it took me waaay too long to get it completed but it was worth it :-)

  3. cheers Chris :-) hoping to have time to add some more goodies soon