Saturday, October 5, 2013

Man Cave Ramblings

So today, after starting one more of my retro computing projects while at the same time completing another one I took a deep breath and wondered why my newly built home office/ partial man cave is always in a constant state of chaos...well let's just say a tiny few degrees off equilibrium :-)

here's a quick panoroamic pic of my man cave/home office corner where most of my spare time is spent when not working in the other half to pay the bills, keep the Mrs happy & constantly entertaining my 8 year daughter and 5 year old son :-)

My Man Cave corner just newly constructed in my home office--Where nostalgia & modern computing brings: fun, happiness, cursing, sweating, and generally chaos

So can you see some retro goodness from your computing past and also some modern goodness as well ??? If so, welcome to my Ramblings......

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