Monday, June 26, 2017

Spirit Technology Inboard 1000- fast ram internal expansion with battery backed up clock pics

During my daily ritual of browsing all my favourite Amiga forums I came across a thread asking for hi-res pics of the 'Inboard 1000' card for the Amiga 1000 as the poster needed them to carry out some repair work. Immediately after reading the post my mind raced back to 1989 when I was entering University and needed some extra fast ram for my Amiga 1000 and purchased the Spirit Technology Inboard 1000 from a Commodore/ Amiga shop called Comspec which was luckily for me only a 10 minute bike ride from my parents house back then. Boy the excitement when I added a 68010 to the Inboard 1000 with an extra 2MB fats ram....turbo fast lol Scrambling to find it through my 'box of stuff' at home I then realized it was still at my parents house and with life being crazy busy with work/ young kids I finally got around to digging through my old 'boy cave' and dug up my old Inboard 1000 to take the pics :-)

some info from the Amiga Hardware Database

and of course a mandatory pic of the man cave today! hmm seems like I've got at least one Amiga 1000 in pieces that could make use of my old Inboard 1000 (light bulb in brain on )

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