Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Warp3D Nova and Enhancer Package finally here for AmigaOS4.1 FE !

Yesterday A-Eon released the long awaited Enhancer Package for Amiga OS4.1FE which contains alot of upgrades/fixes to numerous OS and Third Party programs, drivers, datatypes etc etc. BUT by far the most awaited update was for the Warp3D Nova driver which thanks to A-Eon and Hans brings AmigaOS FULL 3D support to AmigaOS with modern shaders and goodies of the GPU that I have no clue what they do but I'm just grinning knowing that their on my favourite OS ;-)

TO ALL AMIGA USERS: step up and support our developers by buying this update to thank them for all their work and effort to keep our favourite OS going strong in 2016 & beyond !!!

& the mandatory view of the Mancave on May3, 2016:

P.S, there's a new addition arriving soon :-)

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