Sunday, July 5, 2015

New custom keyboard covers for my C64, Amiga 1000 & Amiga 1200 !

Got tired of using an old battered keyboard cover for my C64, a very large generic plastic PC cover for my Amiga 1200 and a few pieces of paper taped together for my very unique Amiga 1000 keyboard so when I bumped into a recent thread over at for custom made fabric covers by Retro-Protect I sent them a message, found out they allowed custom colours and decals of your choice to be placed on the covers and placed my order.

Yesterday they made their way over to my man cave and here's what all 3 of them look like out of the package along with care instructions :-) (for those interested: cover to be hand washed only, do not tumble dry, iron on inside of cover on a warm setting, do not iron the logo directly, shrinkage may occur)

C64 cover:
Amiga 1200 cover:
Amiga 1000 cover:

I'm very happy with quality of the cotton fabric covers and more importantly the proper fit for all my keyboards.  Customer service was great and I was thrilled to have the choice of choosing my own colours and decals. 

As usual and unfortunately I have too many little projects to talk about here but alas spare time is yet again my enemy so I leave you with the now traditional view of what my man cave looks like today.

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