Saturday, March 21, 2015

Clean up time before Spring gets here !

Well this is what the mancave looks like after a long winter and glad I got a few projects that were in pieces back up n running before the nice weather come along- my 1200T & 1200 wedge!

Getting my Radeon9250 with 256Mb video ram working happily with Picasso96 and my Mediator 1200 LT4 was slightlly short of agonizing but alas it was a defective Mediator that was the majority of the problem and luckily Elbox is still around to do the necessary repairs (actually a big thanks to Drewlio77 from  for selling me his spare board while Elbox carried out the repiars).  So far my Apollo 060@50 with 32MB Ram, Elbox Fast ATA Mk2, SB128, and Spider2 USB with modded front face plate on my Infitiv case is working nicely with the exception of the usual amigan fiddling to get Workbench feeling  just right :-)

My 1200 wedge has a basic 3.1 install with Magic Workbench, Indivision AGA Mkcr2, M-Tec 030@50 with 32MB, and Subway USB working nicely for a very stable WHDLoad machine.  More fiddling as usual

Alas there's more to do and talk about but not enough spare time so I leave you with yet another snapshot of the mancave cave and wish everyone a great start to the spring season!

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